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[31 Oct 2003|03:28pm]
i've deleted everyone off this friends list, please do the same. if you want to be on my new friends list holla at me on 11centz
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[23 Oct 2003|03:36pm]
okay, i'm ready to use my new journal, 11centz some of you were automatically added to my friends list, others i'm not sure if they want to be added because they either

1. don't have alot of time to update
2. i didn't get to know them very well

i'm specifically referring to...


all of y'all seem hella cool though, and i do enjoy the updates you do post, but if you would like to be added to my new friends list, just holla

two people were permantely cut from my friends list, sorry!! i still have love for y'all i just don't have time to comment and read everybody.

SO...go check and see if you were added to 11centz and
3Wo!! -My LoVe iS Like..

[22 Oct 2003|03:40pm]
can someone PLEASE tell me how to make your bio on your user info page all pretty and colorful and stuff? cause i'm still working on my new journal, and i don't want to start using it until its perfect and the way i want it
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[20 Oct 2003|05:23pm]
i have a new journal, 11centz (cause i'm more than a dyme) but it hasn't been customized yet. i don't really like this user name, it sounds teenybopperish, but i couldn't think of any other good ones. i will be adding [some] people from here to my new friends list, those who aren't added will not be getting added..EVER!! some people like spazzie, lilmiamiqueen, _hypn0tiq, and _b0nita don't even need to trip cause they kno they asses gone be the first added!! i'm not ever deleting this journal, too many damn memories!! i'll holla when i begin using this, and i'll update [on this journal] either tonight or tomorrow
1Wo!! -My LoVe iS Like..

[13 Oct 2003|06:04pm]
[ mood | busy ]

happy sweet sixteen, to one of my first LJ friends, jasmin lilmiamiqueen
take a picture of the nameplate when you get it cause i wanna see!!
and i hope you get madd presents when you go back to school tomorrow, my present to you is that i will be online more so we can talk more often, ily mama!!

swear to god i'll do a real update soon

1Wo!! -My LoVe iS Like..

[17 Sep 2003|03:37pm]
[ mood | cold ]

happy belated birthday to one of the prettiest people on livejournal [not even playing, have y'all seen her pictures?] ashlee, sweety21 HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAMA!!

2Wo!! -My LoVe iS Like..

[06 Sep 2003|07:49pm]
i scanned some pictures in tonight, comment in this entry with your email if you want me to send them. peace!!
10Wo!! -My LoVe iS Like..

[05 Sep 2003|03:29pm]
[ mood | shocked ]

today was CRAZY!! i don't want to update about my whole day cause i have to go clean but yeah. so i was walking to biology with my homegirl maya today and tiara (this girl who i never talk to, but i dont have drama with her)stops me and she's like "do you have a brother named myles?" and it took me a second because i'm an only child, i do have one "brother" philip, but we're not blood, we just pretend we are. so then i realized that my dad has a son, who's 16/17 and i was like "yeah, a 1/2 brother but i've never met him" and she goes "well, i talk to him and he asked me if i went to stockdale, and i said yes and then he asked if she knew someone named maya, and she was like yeah" and so he goes "that's my little sister" so yeah, i asked her like 500 questions about him and he told her to tell me to call him, so now i have his cell and home phonenumber, but they don't get out of school till 3:15 (we get out at 2:36)so i'mma wait until 4:00 to call. i was getting all emotional in biology but trying to hold it back, but i was almost in tears, so at lunch i went to go find penis (my best friend, who i LOVE TO DEATH and understands me more than i understand myself)to talk to her and she was like "you have to call him!!" so yeah. i can't even describe how i feel right now.

tonight i'm going to the long awaited stockdale vs BHS football game, and after that there's the "shake ya tailfeather" dance that's being put on by the bakersfield high school BSU (black student union, but i know y'all knew that)so i'm going to that (their dean said i could, i just have to be truthful and say what school i really go to) so that's from like 9-11 then i'm spending the night at talesha's house and going to her soccer game in the morning. i'm finna be HELLA BUSY!! peace out y'all!!

3Wo!! -My LoVe iS Like..

[28 Aug 2003|06:46pm]
[ mood | surprised ]

i just made a post, but oh well. i can't concentrate on my homework, being a sophomore (and being in medical academy) is HARD!!
anyways, i would LOVE LOVE LOVE you if you made me a sentence to go with these words, for my english class.


and i NEED to get this done SOON so i can watch the VMA's (that's what i'm hopefully going to be doing tonight since i'm not going to my school's dance)

1Wo!! -My LoVe iS Like..

[23 Aug 2003|03:13pm]
[ mood | worried ]

My LiveJournal Sitcom
Bringing Up dogs (NBC, 10:30): jboogshortiee (Elvis Presley) hypnotizes pimped0ut (George Burns) but it doesn't work. Afterwards, lil_ladii_lokka (Christopher Walken) ruins hurleygurlee143 (David Schwimmer)'s favourite PDA while house-sitting. Then, cia0 (Patty Hearst) buys sweety21 (Adam West) a snake. Soon afterwards, eminemslut (Clark Gable) claims to be apoeticjustice (James Spader) in a job interview. In the next town over, infatuat3d (James Dean) gets a job as secretary to babii_b0o (Warren Beatty). Craziness ensues.
What's Your LiveJournal Sitcom? (by rfreebern)

Closest 50 non-Friends for jboogshortiee:
1: akademiks, 2: stuntastic, 3: __superstar, 4: jewsee, 5: _platinum, 6: _xclusive_, 7: _shady, 8: orgykd, 9: _preciosa, 10: niggas, 11: hearmepurr, 12: _judged, 13: lemme_riide_pa, 14: protected_, 15: flawlesz, 16: distressful, 17: _adored, 18: buttrflyangl, 19: assure, 20: _unf0olish_, 21: suicides, 22: lil_pimp, 23: teasing, 24: _babycakes, 25: misz_lala, 26: fancies, 27: _realizationz_, 28: miss_scarface, 29: lil_katii, 30: miss_stunna, 31: urbanize, 32: obsessiionz, 33: tiiny, 34: appreciate, 35: addicting_, 36: sekziinanii, 37: thabeautymusone, 38: urban_focus, 39: shaniboni, 40: missmafiosa, 41: so_classi, 42: christiane, 43: cubanshorty, 44: __ditz, 45: precious_anqel, 46: _design, 47: negro_please, 48: ooohbabycakes, 49: traumatized_, 50: popsingerlm

anybody worth adding on this list? btw- if you're on this list, what are you doing reading it? add a nigga!!

haven't done much today, got my nails done this morning and i might call talesha to go to the movies tonight. i'll do a real update later. PEACE!!
9Wo!! -My LoVe iS Like..

[19 Aug 2003|09:56am]
[ mood | pissed off ]

ahh, fukk that last entry. this birthday is going to suck. i hate my parents

6Wo!! -My LoVe iS Like..

[19 Aug 2003|09:41am]
[ mood | excited ]

TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY!!! NOT YOURS, MINE. MAYA ALYSSE IS OFFICIALLY 15 YEARS OLD TODAY!!! heh, well it's only 9:30 and i plan on going to the mall today cause i'm getting money today. brittany called me a little after midnight today because she wanted to be the first to tell me happy birthday, isn't that cute? well, i'll be online for a while until all my bum friends get up so we can do something today so IM me, please? i'll either be on ShOrTiiLykeWh0a or IseEpInKsPoTs

it's also uncle jesse from full house, lil romeo, and bill clinton's birthday!!

happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy birthday dear little one, happy birthday to me *hits the remix* happy birthday to ya, happy biiiiirthday happy birthday to ya y'all know the song!!!


6Wo!! -My LoVe iS Like..

[11 Aug 2003|03:59pm]
[ mood | happy ]

my second update for today, that must mean i have waaay too much time on my hands. does anyone know a good diet i could go on? i have gained waaaay too much weight this summer (i probably weigh around 120 now, i was 103 exactly a year ago and 110 during the school year)but anyways i need to get back down to maybe 105ish not more than 110 because summer is going to be over soon and then basketball conditioning will start and i will be so out of shape and sluggish, plus i haven't shot hoops in like, six weeks. i'm so LAZY, i honestly have doubts that i'll even make JV this year (i'll be a sophomore) cause everyone else has probably worked alot harder than me. so yeah does anyone know any good diets? comment in my journal. i haven't done anything today except talk to stacey on the phone and cook lunch, but i need to go take a shower cause my mom is going to take me to target in a little bit so i can get some makeup and other things, so i'm going to go get ready. PEACE!!

1Wo!! -My LoVe iS Like..

[11 Aug 2003|02:19pm]
[ mood | excited ]

i'm so excited right now, i was on my schools website (, cause i'm sure you want to visit it, yeah that was sarcasm) just now because i have no idea what day we are supposed to go pick up our schedules and still don't, so i was looking at the sports pages to see what schools we play this year for football, and our first real (not a scrimmage)game is against bakersfield high school! that is going to be hella fun cause its at their school this year and that game was CRACKEN last year, niggas galore. so yeah, i can't wait until september 5th!! but none of yall get understand my excitement case you dont stay in my city. i dont think i'm gone do something today, but i really, really want to go to starbucks so maybe i'll get somebody to take me up there or take the city bus, ionno. but i'm going to a wedding this weekend and probably to venice beach with my dad. i'll do a real entry later. PEACE!!

happy birthday to bethany hardknockz and jarell damonte houston wit his fine self!!

My LoVe iS Like..

[07 Aug 2003|02:54pm]
[ mood | okay ]

FINALLY answering bianca infatuat3d interview questions

1. What's your nationality? african american
2. Who's your favorite artist? too many, but some of my favorites include maxwell, keke wyatt, tyrese, ginuwine
3. Who's the most important person to you? my cousin, jason. he's only 19 years old but he's gone through so much iish. he had NOBODY growing up, his mom was a drug addict and his dad was in prison yet he still made it. he loves me to death and wants to take custody of me next year when he relocates (he's currently living in italy because he's in the airforce)
4. What are your hobbies? shopping, listening to music, singing, making up dances
5. What do you plan to accomplish in the future? i want to graduate in the top 50 of my class (i had a terrible freshman year, so my overall GPA was greatly affected) go to spelman or grambling university and find my soul mate. get married and start a family by the time i'm 24 or 25

2Wo!! -My LoVe iS Like..

[05 Aug 2003|03:51pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

i am seriously trippin right now about my nigga, i haven't heard from him in a FUKKIN WEEK! so last night i had my homegirl drea (who he doesn't know at all, nor has he heard about her)call his house and she was just basically going be like "wuts up wit u and my gurl cause she ain't heard from you in a cool minute, have you disowned her cause dats not right to leave my girl hanging, dats straight up fukkin wit her emotions and dat iish dont fly wit dis nigga" but his mama said he wasn't home (knew dat was gone happen, nigga ain't never there) so we called his cousin kirby's house (tha one dat stay next door to christina)and kirby answered tha phone and drea asked for him and kirby asked who was speaking and when she stated her name, we heard some talking in the background and someone hung up tha phone. drea wanted to call back and cuss him out but i was like, naw girl don't do dat. but um, our one month is comin up soon (it's the 11th, next monday)is there even gone be one? i had, no HAVE feelings for dis nigga and dats fukked up to be doin wut he is doin rite now, he aint even out of town, he up at kirby's house, he actin like he aint got no access to a phone there. god, i'm so heated/angry. i need to talk to christina BADLY cause she's probably talked to him more recently than i have, which i fukkin sad. i honestly think i'll cry if i don't here from him soon, which is somethin new. I AINT NEVER CRIED OVER NO NIGGA.

4Wo!! -My LoVe iS Like..

Access Mother Fucking Denied!! [09 Aug 2002|12:07pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

My journal is now friends only!!!

I don't want people I know reading it, then spreading my business
Too many haters
Cause I said can, cause i'm pimp like dat

*To get added*
comment and add me, i will not add you first
update often
comment often
if i don't add you back in a week, i ain't ever adding your lame ass so DELETE me from your friends list

*you WILL get taken off my friends list if you*
never update
never comment
annoy me
leave bullshit comments
bring drama
TyPe LyKK DiiS, CauSEe iT ANN0yS MeE aND i gETT a HeaDaCHe

now with all this said...HOLLA @ cha girl!!! I don't bite...hard

1Wo!! -My LoVe iS Like..

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